I have worked with people who have gotten a new dog, and early on in their puppy potty training (if they did work on it), they are angry at their new dog for not telling them that he had to go out to go potty, and he had an accident in the house.

Yes, this really happened.

Your puppy does not come pre-programmed to tell us humans that they have to go potty. They cannot say, “Hey Human! My bladder is full and I have to go potty now. Take me outside.”

Well… they actually can tell you, but you need to:

  1. Work on your puppy house training
  2. And, learn to read the body language of your puppy

He can tell you when he needs to go potty, especially if you teach him to go to the door. You can teach him to sit, to bark, to touch the door knob, or even to ring a bell.

The key is, that you need to potty train your puppy to do these things.

But, your dog can tell you he has to go potty with just his subtle gestures. Watch your dog closely and you will see it. Some of the signs your puppy will need to go potty are:

  • Putting his nose to the floor and sniffing
  • Circling around while sniffing
  • Circling around while not sniffing may also be a clue
  • Scratching at the floor
  • Scratching at the door (obvious)
  • Whimpering, crying, or barking with a high pitch
  • Suddenly breathing heavily (if they were not before)
  • Squatting, but not doing anything

Now, this last one, squatting without doing anything is an alarm that anyone should recognize. If you don’t get your puppy out to do potty when you see that, well, your dog will do his business, and maybe you should work on reading body language.

Your puppy may also disappear, or go to a corner of the room. It is up to you to watch your dog, so they should not disappear on you. When a puppy does this, they may be leaving the room to go potty somewhere else.

Each animal is different and will display different body language that may tell you they have to do their business. Watch your dog and you will discover what your dog is telling you. This is all part of house training your puppy.