Like children, puppies need to have reached a specific developmental stage in order to understand when they need to go potty, and to hold it in until they have reached the designated spot. Each puppy develops at his own pace, but as a general rule some time between nine and twelve weeks your puppy should be able to identify his own need to go potty. Having said that, it is important to start puppy house training as soon as you get him.

There are a number of very successful methods for puppy house training. In the following parts of this series, I will tell you about the different options and you can choose what works best for you.

Three Rules of Puppy House Training

Whatever method you choose, please remember the three rules of puppy house training:

  1. Don’t panic
  2. Be understanding but firm
  3. There will be accidents

Keep in mind that house training a puppy is never a quick fix; it is a process which has a number of stages. Make sure you are aware of all the stages before you start and you have the equipment and time available to implement them.

Stage 1—Research, decisions, preparations
In my ebook “Quick and Easy Puppy Potty Training”, I have provided information about the best puppy house training methods, along with suggestions of equipment you will need to implement them. After reading the book, you can decide what method you want to use. Base your decision on what will best suit you and your lifestyle.

If you are bringing the puppy into a family home, you also need to decide at this stage who is in charge of the house training and who will be involved in the training. Remember that leadership issues are involved here—therefore do not put your children into a power struggle situation with the puppy—they should not be actively involved in the training and should not discipline the dog.

Decide where you want your puppy to do his business. This will be based on what kind of house/apartment you live in, what size dog you have, and how much you will be around to let him out. Most people prefer that their dog goes potty outside but I will also talk about other options.

Set aside time for this project. The first few days of puppy house training are very intense. It would be wise for you to make sure that you will be at home with the puppy for these days, maybe even for a week or two. The more time you devote to this, the quicker the puppy will learn and the faster he will master house training.

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