If you are bringing a puppy into your family house, then there are important measures that need to be considered, discussed and clarified.

There are a number of areas of responsibility in the day to day life of owning a puppy, especially when it comes to puppy house training. It is important that before the puppy arrives, the people who are sharing the responsibility are all aware of what it entails and prepared to take it on.

Keeping a schedule is your best way to house train your puppy quickly, and with success.

Make a Puppy House Training Chart

You will need to discuss and decide who will feed your puppy, who will take him for walks, and who will play with him — and when! If you are sharing the responsibility you may want to draw up a chart that looks something like this:

Walk #1 Feed Walk #2 Feed Walk #3 Feed Etc.
Monday Dad Ann Simon Mom Ann Mom
Tuesday Dad Ann Simon Mom Ann Mom
Wednesday Dad Simon Simon Mom Ann Mom
Thursday Dad Mom Simon Mom Ann Mom
Friday Dad Simon Simon Mom Ann Simon
Saturday Simon Mom Dad Mom Ann Simon
Sunday Ann Dad Dad Mom Ann Mom

As you can see from this chart, the family has divided up the daily and weekly responsibilities for house training the puppy. There are also other responsibilities which may need to be discussed and added—like grooming, brushing teeth, obedience training, or clipping nails.

Don’t forget about occasional visits to the veterinarian. Of course flexibility is important—if Simon can’t walk the puppy on one night, his responsibility is to make sure that he has a replacement that will do the job instead of him.

Young Children and Puppy House Training

If your children are young, you will need to teach them how to handle the puppy, how (and when) to pick up a yound dog, what is nice for him, and what is NOT nice (no pulling tails or poking fingers into eyes). Teach your children to understand your dog’s cues and body language and to respond to them.

In other words if your puppy’s tail is between his legs, or if he is baring his teeth—you are doing something he does not like! Young children should not be allowed to discipline the puppy.

Puppies that are sleeping, eating, or need to go potty
It is important for all family members to know that as cute as your puppy is, and as much as they would like to play with him, they should not succumb to the temptation of waking him while he is sleeping. Your puppy needs his sleep, and will probably be unhappy if he is woken up prematurely. Like a human, if this is done too often, and in an unpleasant way it can lead to resentment and negative behavior patterns.

Likewise, no one should try to play with the puppy or interrupt him while he is eating—he might nip or bite! (There is an exception to this rule which you may learn in obedience training).

Remember, you are house training your puppy. You need to learn when your puppy is telling you they need to go potty.

Close the Doors in Your House!

If you are closing off parts of the house to protect your possessions and train the puppy, it is important that all family members get into the habit of closing all doors behind them. Your linen and shoes, books and games will all be safer behind closed doors!

This includes bathroom doors—puppies have been known to explore the toilet bowl and to play with toilet paper. You may also want to remind family members to keep the house gates closed at all times. You may want to make or buy a sign asking visitors to remember to do so as well.

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