Stage 2—Establish a Routine for Your Puppy House Training

Puppies need and appreciate a routine—set a firm framework for yourself and your puppy. This way, both you and your dog will know what to expect.

Draw up a day plan which covers all the activities of the day—waking, eating, napping, playing, eating, napping, more playing, eating and sleeping. Then schedule frequent visits to the designated potty place in between each activity. Stick to this routine religiously! This will help to condition both your puppy’s body and mind and will help him understand what is expected from him and when, and will help him greatly in his house training.

Tips for Establishing the Ideal House Training Routine

Now, I just told you that feeding your puppy at specific times is best for house training purposes. This is because of the “what goes in must come out” rule. Around 10–20 minutes after eating or drinking, your puppy will need to go potty. So soon after every meal time, schedule a visit to his potty place.

Please note: The time after eating will vary with each puppy, depending on your puppy’s age, and the development of your puppy’s body, and various other factors. Your puppy may need to go potty as soon as they eat.

When writing up your day plan, keep in mind that for every month of your puppy’s life, he can wait one hour before relieving himself. In other words a two month old puppy must be taken out every two hours. Don’t push this rule however; it will be much easier for your puppy if he is taken out well within his limits.

If your puppy is under four months old he will not be able to get through the whole night and you will need to take him out in the middle of the night.

Take a look at the sample schedule below which can be adapted to suit your needs.

Spot’s house training schedule
Time Duty
3:00 am Wake up Spot to go potty. Do not engage him in play, use verbal potty command, wait until he has done his business and then return him to his crate.
7:15 am Take Spot to go potty, return him to crate
7:30 Feed Spot meal 1 in crate
7:45 Take Spot to go potty and return him to crate
11:00 am Take Spot to go potty, bring him inside for a play session. After the play session take him to go potty. Return him to the crate.
1:00 pm Give Spot meal 2 in crate
1:15 pm Take Spot to go potty and return him to crate
4:30 pm Take Spot to go potty. Play outside, take him back to the potty place to see if he wants to go again.
7:00 pm Feed Spot meal 3 in the crate; leave him in the crate for a while longer.
7:45 pm Take Spot to go potty, play, return him to crate
11:00 pm Take Spot to go potty, return him to crate to sleep

So, in this schedule I have you returning your puppy to his crate. Anytime that you are home, you can put him in his daytime pen, or if you can watch them 100%, your puppy can be out with you.

Remember that your puppy will need to be taken out first thing in the morning and he cannot wait for you to shave and shower. Please make sure that whoever is awake first, takes him out promptly.

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