I had a client contact me with an issue they were having potty training their puppy using paper training. They chose this method because both puppy parents work during the day, and could not come home during the day to let their puppy go potty.

Their issue was that their puppy played with the paper he was supposed to be going potty on. Even worse, after the puppy went potty on the paper, he would play with it and pull it all over the place, and the pee, and poop, would end up on the floor, leaving them with a mess to clean up.

I have seen this before. Puppies love to play. That is just a fact. The trouble is, when you are paper training your puppy, when they play with the paper or potty pads, this makes a mess.

One thing you can do is to tape the paper down to the floor. You should be confining your puppy to an area with hard floors, whether it’s tile, hardwood, or concrete. When the puppy does not have any edges of the paper to pick up, this should help stop the problem.

If you are using potty pads, you can tape those down to the floor too.

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