Stage 3—Implementation
At this stage you will implement the puppy house training method that you have chosen. Your puppy will need time to learn, he will need practice, encouragement, and loads of positive reinforcement. Constant supervision is needed in order to gradually decrease the amount of accidents that he will have.

Have no illusions—your puppy will have accidents! Yet, also like humans, harsh reactions and punishment will not be effective in the way you would like; in fact, they will achieve the opposite effect. If you punish your puppy for his mistakes you could traumatize him, or bring out negative behavior patterns. So please don’t do this. Also understand that if you missed an accident, and only discovered it some time later, just clean it up. Do not rub your dog’s nose in it, because he will not understand what you are doing. It is not his fault for having an accident, you should have been watching!

Keeping all this in mind as you continue to read following posts and make an informed decision as to which potty training method is best for you and your dog.