Bringing Home a New Puppy?

You Need to Puppy-Proof Your Home

"Bringing Home New Puppy"

When you are bringing home a new puppy for the first time, there are some important steps you need to take to puppy-proof your home. Even though you will be watching your puppy’s every move when he is out of the crate or his confined area, they can quickly get into something dangerous.

Here are a few tips to puppy-proof your home.

  • Get down on your hands and knees to see your puppy’s point of view
    From down here, you can look around for things your puppy can get into. You will be surprised at what is down here, and how dangerous it can be for a little pup.
  • Restrict puppy access to certain areas.
    First, try to control the space within the home that the puppy is able to access. You can confine your puppy to a crate, use puppy gates, close doors, or use an indoor puppy pen. Use cabinet locks to keep your  preventing your dog from getting to toxic household cleaners.
  • Keep your toilet lids closed.
    Toilet bowl cleaners that are placed in the tank are toxic to your dog. Keep toilet lids closed so your pup does not drink toilet cleaning solutions.
  • Look for precious or dangerous items within reach of your puppy.
    From your puppy’s point of view, don’t forget to look up to see what they can get to above the floor. Puppies can easily get things off of couches, end-tables, t.v. stands, etc.
  • Eliminate clutter.
    Keep toys from being scattered all over the place. This will reduce the ability of your puppy to go potty in an inconspicuous place.
  • Pick your houseplants carefully.
    Some plants you think are beautiful could be poisonous to pets, such as some types of lilies or hydrangeas. Be sure to decorate your home with plants that are not toxic to animals. Cover the soil with heavy stones or wire mesh to keep your puppy from digging in the soil, or even going potty in it.
  • Close your windows .
    Dogs can push out screens and escape from the home.
  • Try to keep your puppy in an area of the home where there is no carpet. It is much easier to clean up an accident, if there is one, from a floor with a hard surface than from carpet. Once urine seeps into the carpet, it is almost impossible to completely get rid of the smell as it will often soak down into the pad below the carpet.
  • Keep all garbage cans out of reach.
    Your kitchen garbage should be confined under your sink, or simply out of reach. Your puppy can easily knock over a garbage can and make a mess and eat the garbage.
  • Try to keep wires, cords out of reach.
    Electrical wires and cords can be dangerous to dogs because they may try to chew or play with them. Keep cords short if possible and tack them up against the wall or underneath the carpet if they’re longer.
  • Safety is important as well.
    Do not leave your puppy in an area where he will need to run up and down the stairs. This can easily cause a small puppy to become injured. If you choose to keep your puppy on a leash in the home to restrict the areas he is able to access, make sure that you only allow three to four feet at the most to avoid having him become entangled in the leash.

This isn’t necessarily a complete list to puppy-proof your home, but by following these guidelines you should be able to catch all dangerous items that your new pup could get into.

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