A reader asked me how to deal with a new puppy with diarrhea that they just brought home. If you get your puppy from a reputable breeder, or from a rescue or shelter, they should not allow anyone to bring home a puppy that has diarrhea. If you get your puppy from a pet store, or a backyard breeder, then they are just in it for the money and they don’t care if you have a sick puppy.

Sorry for that little rant. Anyway, even before you bring your puppy home, you should set up a place for them to go potty. Whether this is your back yard, or if it’s potty pads or paper set up on a balcony/deck, or in your home in your puppy’s confined area is up to you.

With that done, the very first thing you do when you get your puppy home is take him immediately to his potty spot. Start right away with your potty training. This goes for any new puppy, whether or not they have diarrhea, but especially if they do.

Then, follow my guidelines in house training a puppy with diarrhea.

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